The Constitution of
the United States of America

Preamble ["We the people...."]

Article I [The Legislative Branch]

..Section 1. [Legislative Power Vested]

..Section 2. [House of Representatives]

..Section 3. [Senate]

..Section 4. [Elections of Senators and Representatives]

..Section 5. [Rules of House and Senate]

..Section 6. [Compensation and Privileges of Members]

..Section 7. [Passage of Bills]

..Section 8. [Scope of Legislative Power]

..Section 9. [Limits on Legislative Power]

..Section 10. [Limits on States]

Article II [The Presidency]

..Section 1. [Election, Installation, Removal]

..Section 2. [Presidential Power]

..Section 3. [State of the Union, Receive Ambassadors, Laws Faithfully Executed, Commission Officers]

..Section 4. [Impeachment]

Article III [The Judiciary]

..Section 1. [Judicial Power Vested]

..Section 2. [Scope of Judicial Power]

..Section 3. [Treason]

Article IV [The States]

..Section 1. [Full Faith and Credit]

..Section 2. [Privileges and Immunities, Extradiction, Fugitive Slaves]

..Section 3. [Admission of States]

..Section 4. [Guarantees to States]

Article V [The Amendment Process]

Article VI [Legal Status of the Constitution]

Article VII [Ratification]


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